D.S. United’s Jodie Woods has a plan to ban wood stoves and wooden table in her neighborhood.

Wooden table and stoves are not allowed in homes, and they are also not allowed on lawns.

The D.N.C.’s Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban these devices.

Woods is the first person in the city to adopt the measure.

The council also voted unanimously to ban the use of wood stove tops in public places, such as sidewalks and driveways, and the use or sale of wooden table and wooden stoves.

Wood stoves do not burn wood, and most wood stove models do not emit a toxic flame.

But they can emit carbon monoxide and a form of benzene.

Wood stove owners have said that using a wood stove will increase the risk of respiratory illnesses, especially asthma.

But D.U.C.-Boulder Health’s director of research, Jennifer Fong, said that even the highest carbon monoxy emissions are unlikely to pose a health risk to nonsmokers.

“What you don’t want to do is set up an environment that’s conducive to a toxic air conditioner or the use and use of an outdoor wood stove,” she said.

“So we’ve made that very clear that there is no evidence to suggest that using wood staves in residential settings can increase the risks of asthma,” she added.

The new ordinance applies to all homes, whether they have one or 10, and will go into effect in late 2019.