The WoodFiller Company has been selling wood filler at its plant in South Carolina for more than two decades, and now the company has plans to expand its offerings.

The company announced Tuesday that it has begun selling wood products at some of its facilities, including its largest plants in Texas, New Jersey and South Carolina, that will be able to make wood filler that costs $2 a pound.

The price per pound of the product will be higher than it has been before.

The company says that the wood filler is a better value because it doesn’t require additional processing, which reduces its environmental impact.

The Wood Filler Company said that it plans to start selling wood filler at the same time as the wood used for its products.

Wood filler is made of wood chips, which are cut from trees.

It is sold by a number of companies, including the Wood Filling Association, which is based in Tennessee, the Wood Fillers Association of America, and the American Wood Filled Wood Association.

Wood filler is also used to make cement, cementboard and other products.