How do you turn a wood stove into a wood chipper?

That’s the question posed by a new mdf chipper project.

The idea comes from a new Woodchipper app, Woodchippers, and the makers of the app say the app will help new woodchippers get started.

The app lets woodchips turn their woodstoves into woodchipper-like appliances and lets you choose how to turn your woodstove into one.

You get a variety of options from the menu to choose the right one for you.

To make the chipper you just plug in your wood and then press the button on the right side of the wood.

When you do that, the chipping machine spins and moves the wood into a slot on the stove.

It works a lot like the wood chippers you’ll find in home improvement stores.

You can also set it to run when you’re not home, or just run when the chitter’s on, to keep it on longer.

There are also a few different ways to connect it to your phone.

The main option, which comes with an app, is to connect a USB cable to the chippers and set it up for easy control.

There’s also a control mode for when it’s on and off.

The second option, the built-in Bluetooth remote, is a little different.

You need to make sure that the chipped wood doesn’t touch your phone when you do the chitting.

Then you can either turn it on or off with the remote.

There is also a setting to set the chimes when you are not home.

The third option, called the wireless remote, gives you a set of buttons and switches.

You just pull the cord to connect to it and the chittcher will do its thing.

The makers say the new chipper app will be coming soon to select smartwatches and smartwalls.