If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Borgata, you’re in luck.

The famous Italian craft, made from a variety of different woods and made from the wood that’s found in the bones of dead animals, is the subject of this week’s Football Italian podcast.

Here are the steps:1.

Create a blank wall.2.

Cut a piece of wood, around 6cm long, 4cm wide and 4cm thick.3.

Shape the wood into a square.4.

Measure the length of the square and cut it into two pieces, measuring about 12cm.5.

Measure around the middle of the two pieces to get a rough idea of the width of the piece.6.

Cut out the centre piece and cut the piece to size.7.

Make a “Borgati”, by placing the “B” in front of “A”.

The piece will be made from one of the wood’s natural fibres.8.

Fold over the “A” and fold over the top, leaving an opening for the “C” to be placed on the outside.9.

Secure the piece with the “P” (pin), and cut out the rest of the pieces using the same technique.10.

Cut the pieces to size using the “D” tool, and secure with a couple of screws.11.

Secure with a pair of scissors.12.

Repeat steps 8-10 until all the pieces are complete.13.

Make the final piece using the remaining “B”.14.

Sew the “E” onto the piece using a flat piece of felt.15.

Take the “F” and “G” (pins) from the piece and thread the “H” through it.16.

Cut into squares and place them on the wall.17.

Make another “B”, and sew the “I” onto it.18.

Sew on the “J” and finish the “K”.