Posted by Brian on November 13, 2018 09:00:16 This article is about making a wooden fence panel for a porch.

You can get a lot of different ideas for how to make it, but here’s what I did.


Find a wood frame, 2.

Cut it down to size, 3.

Cut up the frame into a shape you want, and 4.

Build a door out of the frame.

I did the door in the video below.

You may need to do this step at least a dozen times, depending on how much wood you have to work with.

This is how I made it: 1.

Measure your wood frame and plan it.

This might take a few minutes depending on the size of the door you want to build.


Use a ruler or a tape measure to determine the diameter of the window in the wall that will go in the center of the panel.

This will determine how much material you need to cut.


Measure the thickness of the wood.

I used a tape measuring tape to find the width of the opening, then cut that in half.

I also measured the length of the inside of the doorway so I knew how long I needed to make the door.


Cut out your door using your router, and attach the frame to the frame with a wooden dowel.

I made a template out of cardboard, but you could use any sort of metal.

You could also make a template from a wood panel, but the wood panel won’t be as sturdy as the dowel-backed panel.


When you’re finished, mark the opening and the dowels with the doweling template, and drill a hole in the doweled template for the hole to fit through.

I drilled a hole into the template just so I could get a good grip.

You might have to sand down the edges of the dowEL so that they don’t move too much.


Attach the door using a 2×2 piece of wood that you cut into 1/8″ strips.

The strips will go through the dowELS and into the wall.


Attached to the 2×1 wood, attach the wood frame to a piece of 2×4 and fasten it with a 1×1 dowEL.

You’ll need to glue the dow EL to the door panel, so you’ll need some glue on it, too.


Glue the dowELF onto the 2×1 wood.

This should help the glue stick better.


Attaching the door to the woodframe, you’ll have a wood door with a window inside.

If you cut the door off from the inside with a router, you can make the window wider so it’s a little taller.


Attacking the door, I didn’t have a 1×1 dow EL for this project, so I used this 1×2 dowEL instead.

It was a little hard to get a grip on, but I did it.

I don’t think I made the door too wide, but it’s definitely not as big as I wanted it to be.

You’re going to need a 2×2 wood panel for the door opening, too, so the 2 × 1 panel will be a little more expensive than the 1×4.