The U.S. Forest Service is warning that wood chips are one of the most common wood-chip hazards that can result in serious injuries or even death.

According to the agency, home owners who use wood-clamp fixtures can suffer an injury if they don’t have a protective covering on their home or if they leave wood-covered objects like furniture, appliances and other items unattended.

In some cases, people can even be left with broken bones or other health issues.

The problem can cause serious injury or even result in death, according to the Forest Service.

The Forest Service issued a bulletin last week warning homeowners against using wood-chips for any purpose other than to protect their home.

“There are a lot of different ways people can damage wood,” said Mark F. Johnson, Forest Service deputy superintendent of operations.

Wood chips are made of a combination of wood fibers and metal particles that can come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be difficult to remove and can be the source of damage to appliances, furniture and other materials.

Furniture can also be a source of wood chips, Johnson said.

Wood chips can come from any type of wood, from logs to oak trees.

They are also commonly found on doors, window sills and other wood surfaces.

Wood chip injuries include:A broken or missing nail or bolt that contacts wood chips or other hard objects, causing damage or death.

An injury that occurs when the nail or other object is broken or dislodged and causes damage to the wood surface.

A broken or detached wood chip that is too close to the home or otherwise can create a hazard to occupants.

A small, sharp object that touches wood chips.

A sharp object, such as a blade, that touches or enters wood chips and causes the wood chips to fall or break.

An injury caused by the sharp object hitting a wood chip and then touching a hard object, like a door or window, causing the wood chip to come in contact with the hard object.

An impact that occurs with a sharp object and a hard, hard surface, such a door, window or window frame, such an exterior wall or floor, such that a piece of wood can strike a hard surface and cause damage to it.