The threat of an armed robber in your home is a reality, and the FBI warns that many home invasions are carried out by a stranger.

But, while the armed robber could have been carrying a gun, there are plenty of ways to protect against him.1.

Lock the door and windows.2.

Be sure the garage door is locked, and your home’s door is secured.3.

If you live in a city with a lockable entrance to the house, have a key in your car or on the key ring.4.

Use a combination lock on your garage door.5.

Have a security alarm system.6.

Check your locks regularly.7.

Be prepared to use a handgun to defend yourself against armed robbers.8.

If the home is in a restricted area, take steps to secure it.9.

Check with your local law enforcement agency if you have any questions about home security.10.

If someone attempts to enter your home without a warrant, notify the authorities immediately.