Wood floor cleaning is becoming more and more popular as you work more hours and spend less time indoors.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make your own wooden floor cleaner.

Here’s how to get started.1.

Cut a square of wood to a size that will fit into your bathroom or kitchen.

Use a 2-inch-wide blade for each square.2.

Lay out a strip of wood on a flat surface.

Take your strips and make them a flat, straight line with a sharp point.

Then, cut them to size.3.

Use an angle grinder to cut out a rectangular piece of wood.

Use the same blade for this piece, too.4.

Lay the two pieces of wood flat and square on your kitchen table, then cut them apart to create a clean, even surface.5.

Cut out two more square strips from each of the two squares you just made.

Fold the two strips together, then turn them to the other side.

Fold them back and forth a few times to seal the edges.6.

Next, cut out two straight edges from the bottom of the strip.

Repeat this process to make the top of the floor.7.

Next cut out another two strips from the top.

Fold one over the other, then repeat this process until you’ve made three strips.8.

Cut two more strips from both of the sides.

Fold and turn the two halves over.

Repeat these steps until you have four strips.9.

Finally, cut four strips from either side of the edges and attach them to each strip by using a screw driver.10.

Repeat for the backside.

You’ll need a few more strips to attach to each side, and this step will take longer than it should.11.

Repeat until you get to the top and bottom of your floor.

Use your metal ruler to measure from the center of each strip, then take a long piece of paper and mark where the edges meet.

This is your floor edge.12.

Make a mark at the center with a ruler.

If your mark is too large or too small, cut it out.

The larger the mark, the wider the cut.13.

Measure from the outside of the room to the center line of the edge, then mark where you want to cut it.

You can use a tape measure to do this.

Make sure the edge is in line with the marks you made.14.

Attach the edge to the strip using two 1/4-inch screws.

Use only one screw at a time.15.

Cut the strip into four strips about a foot long.

Cut them in half, so that they are about three feet long each.16.

Fold each strip to the middle of the width of the next strip.

Use two screws to attach the four strips together.17.

Repeat the process for the other half of the strips.18.

Use another screw to attach a third strip to each of these four strips, and finally attach a fourth strip to one of these three strips to make a complete floor.19.

Attached to the back side of each floor is a piece of plywood that will help protect your floor and keep the wood floors clean.

It is also a good idea to put a piece or two of electrical tape on the back of the board to keep the floor from sliding.