The Duchess of Cambridge has said that she will not stand in Prince William’s way of doing the right things.

The Duchess of Sussex made the remarks at a dinner for her parents and other royals, which she attended alongside Prince Charles and Princess Anne, in the picturesque village of Clifton, Devon.

The prince has been criticised for making controversial comments during the royal wedding ceremony which saw Prince Harry married to the first openly gay couple to ever wed.

His comments, which have been widely criticised, have also been the subject of fierce criticism from MPs, who claim that he has crossed a line by suggesting that homosexuality is a choice.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, left, pose for photographers with their daughters, Bella, 13, and Charlotte, 10, at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of York in February 2016 (ABC News)Ms Wood said: “I don’t want to be part of any group that has to choose between the right and wrong.”

The Prince of Wales was speaking to the press today in his role as the chief celebrant and I’m going to be there to support him.

“He will have a lot of to do to prove his point.”

But the Duchess of Gloucester told the BBC: “There’s a line between the honourable and the wrong and we will not be a part of that.”

The Duke of Edinburgh, who is currently in New York on a visit, said he would be “honourable” if the Prince of Sussex went against the advice of his advisers.

The royals also met with the Royal Mail workers union to discuss union demands for the union to be given a say in the union’s future.

The unions’ president John Clancy said: “[We] want to make sure we are protected and we want to ensure that we’re represented.”

The union said it would meet with the Prince later on Thursday to discuss the issues raised in the meeting.

“We’re all in agreement about the importance of a fair pay and living wage and a safe working environment,” Mr Clancy said.

“If we can get that in place, it’s good for the health of the Royal Household.”