NETFLIX has become the first streaming service to feature a brand new musical film starring the late, great Willy Wonka.

The new release entitled “Woodland” has been dubbed the first film by Netflix, a major milestone for the company and for the movie industry as a whole.

“Woodland is a tale of the power of imagination, the power to invent, the magic of nature, and the power and wonder of creativity,” Netflix president Ted Sarandos said in a statement.

“This is the story of a small family and the joys of being a part of it all, and this is a story about love and family.

And the power that comes from being both of those things.

This is the kind of movie that inspires us all.””

Woodlands” is based on the book by Willy “Willy” Wonka, and follows the story and life of the family, which includes the iconic Wonka brothers, and their daughter, Dorothy.

The film is based off the real life story of the Wonkas.

The book, which was written in 1903, is also a classic children’s book, with a famous line about how the little boy who wrote it, the little girl who would grow up to be Dorothy, would die of a heart attack.

The family also includes Dorothy, who would become the most famous character in the film.

Willy Wonka is seen in this 1939 photo.

The book is about the life and times of the great Wonka family, and has been adapted for film by Peter Bogdanovich, Michael Caine, and Tony Scott.

“The story of this film is a timeless classic, and it’s the perfect tribute to this great and iconic book,” Sarandus said.

“We’re honored to have a piece of the story brought to life in a new and exciting way for fans of Willy Winks.”

Netflix has more than 180 original titles available for streaming, and will have more than 400 films and TV shows available for purchase, Sarandesaid.

Netflix has more content than the major film studios combined, he added.

The movie will be available for Netflix on Oct. 31.