A wooden curtain-rope is a favorite of Indians who decorate their homes with a simple wooden frame that holds a curtain rod.

It’s a popular way to add an element of style to a home.

The rod is usually used for curtains and curtains on tables, which can be a challenge to find in India.

But here are some easy and inexpensive ways to get the rods, and how to buy them online.1.

DIY Wooden Curtains for a Big HouseA DIY wooden curtain can easily be made for a big house, especially if you want to make it as light as possible.

The rods are simple to assemble and require no tools.

Here’s how:1.

Cut a piece of wood, the length of a couple of feet, or longer if you plan to use it for a longer curtain.


Use a small drill or screwdriver to drill a hole in the wood and a hole for the rod.3.

Place the rod in the hole, with the rod sticking out of the hole.

The hole should be large enough to accommodate the rod, so that it’s not difficult to get it into the hole and into the wood.4.

You can also use a small piece of electrical tape to fasten the rod to the rod-holder.5.

Hang the rod on a wooden frame, so it doesn’t hang too low.

It should be easy to reach from the rod through the wood to the ceiling.6.

Use some kind of tape to secure the rods to the wood frame.7.

The frame will hold the rod and it’s also a good idea to hang it so it won’t move around too much.8.

Once you have the rods installed, the first thing you want is to add some lights to the home.

For a traditional Indian home, that’s curtains.

To make them light, use a piece with white paint on it to make a curtain, or use a white-coloured curtain rod to make an ornate curtain.

You will need to paint the edges and the sides of the curtain to match the style of the home, but you can use any kind of white paint.

To paint the white paint, start with white pigment, add white and brown, and leave it for 24 hours.9.

Next, you’ll need to add curtains.

In a traditional home, curtains are hung on a curtain ring.

You could use a curtain that is painted with red paint to make the ring, but it doesn,t look as good.

Instead, you can make a small round piece of cardboard that is filled with paint and hang it on a light fixture.10.

Next up, you need to make curtains that are a little more decorative.

To do that, make the cardboard ring with white and white-colored paint and put it on the front of a curtain.11.

When you have done that, put the curtain on a table or chair.

The curtains will look like a giant curtain.12.

You’re done!

You can decorate the room with a nice, big curtain.