It was the third time that he had been kicked in the stomach.

The first time, he had lost consciousness.

The second time, it had left him with permanent paralysis.

This time, though, he was out cold.

As the crowd of hundreds watched, a man in a grey tracksuit rolled up his sleeves, exposing his arms, a grin plastered across his face.

“This is a real treat for me,” he said.

“It’s like a big family reunion, if I may say so.”

The man in grey had arrived to greet his friends.

For a moment, the group held their collective breath.

Then, in a low, raspy voice, the man in black shouted: “I don’t know what it’s like to be on the streets.

I’ve seen people get shot, I’ve had people killed.”

The words, repeated by a crowd that had cheered in unison, were followed by a chant of “We’re with you!” and the crowd began to cheer louder.

A man who had been watching the crowd, and had been wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, came up to the group, placed his hands on the shoulders of one of the men and shouted: “‘Let’s do this!”‘

The man then ran towards the group of people, yelling out the name of the man who kicked him.

The crowd began chanting his name as well.

“He’s just a good guy,” one woman said.

A young woman in a dark T-shirt and jeans said she had watched the video on Facebook and thought the man was “a good guy.”

“I feel sorry for him,” she said.

Another young woman who had watched it on Facebook, said she wanted to hug the man but felt “traumatised” when he told her “he was in shock”.

Another young man who watched it with a friend said he was upset that the man had been hit.

“I’m glad we’re here,” the young man said, referring to the men who helped him.

“But we don’t need the police to protect us.”

‘We’re in mourning’ The group who watched the crowd cheered louder when the man on the street said “we’re in grief” and the group began to chant the man’s name.

The man who was kicked was later released from hospital, but his friend and the woman who watched him were still in the hospital and did not want to be named.

They said they were shocked and angry at what had happened.

“We can’t believe that this happened,” the woman said of the incident.

“That’s just not how I feel.

I was in the street, a white guy, and I just want to get away from the whole thing.”

She said she would be going back to her country to visit her family, but she did not feel safe in that country.

“My family is very angry,” she told Al Jazeera.

“The police are not helping us, the hospitals are not providing treatment.

I just can’t bear it anymore.”

The video has now been viewed more than 1 million times and been viewed thousands of times on Facebook.

The group of men who filmed the video, and some of the people who cheered, are now calling for a boycott of McDonalds and other fast-food outlets in the United States, saying they will boycott all of their purchases unless they are willing to pay for the treatment of the victim.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Al, in response to the video’s exposure on social media, that the company had not yet received any complaints from the victims.

“Our restaurants are not responsible for the actions of customers who may choose to consume these products and have made the right decision in deciding not to serve these products,” the spokesperson said.

But the group that filmed the incident has also called for boycotts of other McDonalds.

“For the McDonald’s to not accept us, and not pay for our treatment, it’s a real shame,” the group said in a statement.

“McDonalds is not the place to be.”