The bamboo wood slab made by Evan Raulhel is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The slabs were inspired by the beauty of the landscape and are crafted out of bamboo slabs.

They look much nicer and more inviting than bamboo wood, according to Evan Rulhel.

They have some interesting features:The wooden slabs have two sides, one is to be used for decorative purposes and the other is used for decoration, and they have an inner surface.

The outer surface is a surface made of plastic.

They are made by the company Wood Slabs, which Evan Rulphel founded in 2013.

A bamboo slab made from the slabs will cost you $100, and you can get them in two colors.

The bamboo slat is made of the bamboo, which is the most natural material for building a slab, Evan Roulhel said.

The company is currently working on the second batch of bamboo wood slats.

Evan Ruls told Haaretz that the company is working on making more bamboo slats, and there are plans to produce two colors in addition to black.

“The material is a natural material and the manufacturing process is really simple,” Evan Rolhel said, adding that the material was used in a large-scale project in the U.S. last year.

“A lot of things in the world are not that simple.

They [the slats] are made with the most beautiful materials.

The wood is the beautiful material.

We think the slats look very beautiful, and the colors are very good.

The slats are beautiful,” he said.

A customer comes into the shop and places his order, which comes out of a machine in the corner of the shop.

The price is $100 for the bamboo slaw, and it can be made at the same time as a slab.

The price includes delivery and shipping.

The bamboo slas also come with a bamboo tree and a bamboo cane, which can be added to the slab at the end of the process.

The company is also offering an online store to sell the bamboo wood blocks.

“We have already received orders from people in Israel and we will make more blocks,” Evan said.

“They can have the slab, the bamboo and the tree.

It’s really beautiful.”

A customer puts a bamboo slab on his home, which has been decorated with bamboo, in Beit Hanoun, Israel, June 23, 2019.

The Wood Slab website offers a wide selection of slabs and also sells bamboo products in the United States and around the world.

A wooden slab is made by hand using bamboo, a natural plant, according a company website.

Evan told Ha’aretz that it was important to use bamboo as a natural product, but that it should not be used as a substitute for wood.

“It’s the most important thing for a slab,” he explained.

“Bamboo has been around for thousands of years, but it’s also been used for a lot of other things.

So, it has a lot to offer in terms of beauty, but the use of bamboo is very important for the creation of a wood slab.”