— Woodruffs Lunar Candle was created by his mom, Trisha Woodruff, and her family after his dad died and he and his mother were unable to get enough sleep, Woodruff said.

The candles are designed by the artist, who lives in Louisville and whose father, Gary, died in the U.S. from brain cancer in 2009.

Woodruff’s father, who is also an artist, died of lung cancer.

Woodroyds candles were created for Halloween, when they are sold out of all the candles he has sold.

He is selling them at local shops to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Woodroyds has sold more than 30,000 candles for $1 each, which he estimates is about half the amount of money he would have made selling them on eBay.

I have never had a candle, but I wanted to have a candle for my dad and my mother, Woodroys mother, Trish Woodruff told USA Today.

“I thought about the candles and how they were designed,” Woodruff added.

“They were made for him.”

Woodruff has a special connection to his father, Trisa Woodruff.

He is her only child and she has a sister who is an artist.

Woodrowrs mom, Karen, also has an Alzheimer’s disease.

She had to take care of her dad and Trisha for the past 10 years, Woodrows mom said.

Woodridge’s father passed away in 2010, and Woodruff and his family lost all contact with their father.

Trisha Woodryrs mother is also a painter, and the artist has been working with her for several years to design a candle.

Woodryds mom, who died in 2013, said she wanted to design something that could be a tribute to her father.